Woman Killed by Her 2 Dogs

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A 50-year-old female, Angeline Mahal, was fatally attacked by her two registered XL Bully dogs at her residence in Hornchurch, East London, England. This death is thought to be the first deadly incident involving dogs of this breed that had been exempted from the government’s recent restriction.

On the afternoon of Monday, May 20, 2024, emergency responders, including armed Metropolitan Police officers and paramedics, rushed to the scene at Cornwall Close following a reported dog attack. Mahal had been found in the hallway of her home by her two sons, who had come on a regular visit to check on her. Despite the immediate response, the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

Local witnesses observed the arrival of multiple police vehicles, their blue lights flashing and sirens sounding, to the usually peaceful cul-de-sac. Ambulance and air ambulance units shortly followed.

A local resident told The Mirror, “There have been vans coming and going since lunchtime, and we saw the helicopter overhead, which made us fear the worst. With Campion School nearby, our first thought was that it involved children. You never expect something like this from dogs. It’s terrible.” The resident added that the police had not euthanized the dogs, but had removed them from the scene.

Another individual wrote on X, “I saw about six police vehicles with lights and sirens, plus ambulances and an air ambulance at Cornwall Close in Hornchurch.”

The two dogs involved were confirmed by the Metropolitan Police to be registered XL Bullys owned by the deceased woman. The dogs were confined in a room within the home and were safely secured without further issue when officers arrived. “Armed officers were required due to the threat posed. After assessing the situation, officers were able to seize two dogs safely,” a police spokesperson declared.

The area, described by locals as a quiet residential neighborhood, was quickly cordoned off by police, leaving the community in a state of shock.

The incident has led to renewed scrutiny of the government’s decision to ban XL Bully dogs, a breed linked with several violent instances in the past few years.

The XL Bully Dog is a large, muscular breed recognized for its robust build and strong jaw. This American Bully variant was developed in the United States as a companion dog. Noted for its size, exceeding the standard American Bully, and its physical strength, the XL Bully has become a popular yet contentious pet.

Starting February 1, 2024, the law required owners to acquire an exemption certificate, neuter, and microchip their dogs, and keep them muzzled and leashed in public. Regardless of these precautions, the breed continues to be implicated in severe attacks.

This tragic incident follows another high-profile attack in February, days after the ban came into effect. Esther Martin, 68, was killed by two unregistered XL Bully dogs in Jaywick, Essex, England, while visiting her grandson. The dogs in that incident were not registered under the new rules, underscoring ongoing issues with compliance with the new regulations.

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