Dead Body Found in City Water Supply

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On March 19, 2024, a deceased individual was found in the Highland Park Reservoir, a major drinking water source in Rochester, New York, according to city officials. The discovery was made during routine morning inspections by the Water Bureau staff.

The individual was identified as 29-year-old water quality in Rochester remained unaffected. The boil water advisory was lifted on Thursday, March 21 after consistent water test results over the past months showed no signs of contamination. Draining and cleaning the reservoir is projected to take up to eight weeks.

The investigation into Muya’s death did not indicate any foul play. Mayor Evans expressed his condolences to Muya’s family, acknowledging their loss. The city is dedicated to improving its security measures and ensuring the safety of its water supply. An investigation into why Muya entered the premises is still in progress.

Prior to his disappearance, Muya had recently moved to a new home in the city and suddenly stopped communicating with his family. This led to concerns that he might have been deprived of necessary medication for an unspecified medical condition. His family had previously found his state ID in a local market parking lot on February 14, signaling their worry that he might have lost access to his vital medication. “He is reliant on his medication daily. It aids his sleep and mental clarity. Missing it for a few days makes him extremely paranoid,” stated his brother, Mahamud Muya.

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