Murdered Best Friends Found Near Highway

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Two 16-year-old boys were found dead less than half a mile apart in conditions suggesting a mysterious and sinister linkage between their killings, along Interstate 5 in Seattle, Washington.

In a span of 10 hours, Jahaz Phillips and Myion Coleman, both 16 years of age, were discovered lifeless along the highway. It remains unclear which of the teenagers was found first.

On Thursday night, March 21, 2024, at around 10:30 p.m., an observant passerby noticed the first body in a ditch near North 85th Street and Interstate 5. The following morning, at approximately 8:30 a.m., the other young boy was found in a ravine near the Northbound ramp of Northeast 85th Street. Both teens were concealed behind a high concrete barrier and dense vegetation, away from the public eye.

Autopsies concluded that Jahaz S. Phillips and Myion Coleman had both suffered fatal gunshot wounds, ruling out earlier speculation of a traffic accident. This pivotal discovery guided the Washington State Patrol away from an initial misdirection and towards a focused homicide investigation.

A relative of Jahaz informed the local media about the close bond shared between the teens, emphasizing that they were inseparable companions, rarely seen one without the other’s company.

Trooper Rick Johnson of the Washington State Patrol in King County revealed that, through discussions with the families of both adolescents, the connection between their deaths was established. However, the specifics of this link remain uncertain.

Local resident Jake Rower echoed the sorrow of the situation, speaking to the media. He stated, “The younger it is, the more heartbreaking. This is the most extreme thing I’ve heard happening here anyway.”

A crowdfunding initiative was established on GoFundMe in memory of Jahaz, aiming to support his relatives with the funeral expenses. The fundraiser’s originator, a member of Jahaz’s family, celebrated him as extraordinarily intelligent and full of charm, a young man whose affection was reciprocal with all he encountered. The abrupt end to his life shared tragically with his dearest friend due to the ravages of gun violence, was lamented.

The relative elaborated on his charismatic personality, noting how his vibrant aura and sense of humor were magnetic to those around him. He highlighted his roles within the family as a cherished brother, son, uncle, and grand-uncle.

Speaking to the media, a family member shared intimate details of Jahaz’s bond with his late mother, with whom he shared an exceptionally close relationship, describing her as his mainstay and confidant. The impact of her loss was profound, and the subsequent loss of Jahaz was described as a shattering blow to the family. The family member remarked on the young boy’s presence, noting that despite often being the youngest in any gathering, his spirit was the most expansive and palpable.

Contributions to the GoFundMe have surpassed $8,700, with a target set at $10,000.

A separate fundraising page has been set up for Myion, which will support his mother, Myisha, in the wake of this tragedy. An anonymous donor posted the following about the young boy on the fundraising page: “Myion was a classmate of my own child during their middle school years, and he consistently tried to show kindness in situations where others might not. It’s a tragedy that no young person or parent should face. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow.” Over $6,000 has been raised so far, with a goal of $15,000.

With no suspects apprehended, detectives have urged the public to come forward with any information or observations that might aid in advancing the investigation. Trooper Johnson is hopeful, saying, “We need help moving this forward. Someone saw and knows something, so we are looking for that.”

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