Man Dead: Shoved in Front of Subway Car

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On Monday, March 25, 2024 a 24-year-old man from the Bronx was arrested and charged with murder after pushing Jason Volz, 54, onto the subway tracks at the 125th Street station in East Harlem, New York. Volz was hit and killed by the oncoming No. 4 train, which was unable to halt in time to avoid the collision. The incident occurred at around 7 p.m.

Law enforcement officials declared Volz dead at the scene, bringing to light another chapter in New York City’s ongoing battle with subway safety issues. Carlton McPherson was arrested immediately. Reports indicate that McPherson has prior run-ins with the law, including an assault arrest in October 2023. Released on bond then, McPherson was due back in court in July 2024.

This latest incident adds to a disturbing uptick in violent offenses in the city’s subway system. According to NYPD statistics, the number of felony assaults witnessed a staggering 53% increase last year, escalating from 373 incidents in 2019 to 570 in 2023. The alarming trend has ignited debate over its causes, with a notable focus on mental health as a significant contributing factor.

To counteract the rising tide of subway violence, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) announced the deployment of an additional 800 officers to key subway stations. This initiative, dubbed “Operation Fare Play,” aims to clamp down on fare evasion and associated crimes to restore rider confidence in the system’s security.

Amidst these enhanced security measures, the challenges facing New York City’s subway system persist. Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Edward Caban have pointed to overall reductions in citywide crime rates, including slight decreases in subway-related incidents. However, the specific spike in violent crimes, especially those linked to mental health concerns, poses a persistent threat to public safety and well-being.

The victim, Jason Volz, had been pursuing his trade as a carpenter before his life was tragically cut short, said his uncle, Eddie Volz, on Wednesday. “He possessed a tremendous heart and displayed remarkable compassion, particularly in offering aid to others,” Eddie remarked. “He devoted his time to assisting others.”

According to a neighbor, Volz was known to be a congenial and polite resident of the Bronx housing complex he called home, where he lived with his brother and their sickly father. This neighbor, who had crossed paths with Volz mere hours before the tragedy, expressed his sorrow.

“I’m engulfed by grief. It’s so heartbreaking,” lamented Sammy Sanchez, another building resident. “He was a truly exemplary citizen and a genuinely kind person. He always held the door open as I climbed the stairs with my wife. We always greeted each other with a ‘hi.’ He never did any harm.”

Sanchez, who is 58 and a disabled veteran, noted that Volz had become a neighbor four years ago.

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